Paul D. Brazill lists The Bitch in Top Ten

The Bitch, a crime novel by Noir Nation editor Les Edgerton, made it to Paul D. Brazil’s much coveted BEST CRIME NOVELS of 2011. A great way to end the year.

The Bitch explores the dark choices that Jake, as a two-time offender faces to save both his life and his soul—life imprisonment if caught for the third time under the federal ha-bitch-ual criminal law—known to outlaws as “The Bitch.” Choices that may cost him everything and everyone he loves. What are the limits of loyalty? What is the spiritual process by which a savvy hair
designer deteriorates into a mass murderer? A work in the cold existentialist tradition of Sartre and Camus, and the transgressive fiction of Celine, The Bitch struggles for answers and, on finding them, a way out.

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