Bare Knuckles Press launches noir sea novel

Cover of ‘Awake Now, Sailor’ by Eddie Vega

Noir Nation’s sister publication, Bare Knuckles Press, has launched its first noir seafaring novel Awake Now, Sailor, by Noir Nation editor Eddie Vega. The book is now sale on Amazon Prime members can borrow it for free. There are also free samples for everyone.

Johns Hopkins professor Tristan Davies said this about the book: “Eddie Vega’s funny, poignant, and smart debut is a bildungsroman charting its protagonist’s transformation from exile to homecoming—broken guitars, noses, and hearts scattered along the way. Vega’s intelligence is clear at every turn in his writing, but like the poetry of his tramp-traveling hero, it’s kept under wraps. This is a novel that knows novels, not one that strains and fails to be literary. It—and Vega—are the real thing.”