What to write when no one’s reading?

So how does an author adapt to a difficult environment? A non-reading environment?I live in South Africa, a country where the latest illiteracy ratings revealed a terrible truth. Our ratings have dropped by many points. Our kids are getting dumber and dumber. Television gets preference at the moment. Because of this my demographic has changed. My target audience is thousands of miles away and seven hours behind me.

So how does an author market his book in another country? I’ve tried every avenue, but the result has been disappointing. Internet marketing, guest blogging and social media can only reach that many people before they block you.

Furthermore, do you start changing your style to reach out to your new target audience. Do you start changing kilometres to miles, kilograms to pounds, Wimpy to Starbucks, etc.?

Just wondering…

James Fouche

2 thoughts on “What to write when no one’s reading?

  1. Blogging for Noir Nation is a good place to find a larger audience. By larger I mean international. I hope other South African writers follow suit.

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