Smashwords abandons its writers

Given the dark content that noir crime fiction writers from around the world created for Noir Nation’s last issue and its next one, our early decision to avoid Smashwords and publish with and Barnes & Noble has proven fortuitous.

TechCrunch has more details of how PayPal cried BOO! and Smashwords jumped so high it landed on a different planet, one that fearless defenders of free speech would  recognize immediately as alien soil.

Like Smashwords, Noir Nation faced efforts to censor it. In our case it was Google. Unlike Smashwords, we never blinked. Instead, we lawyered up, stood by our writers, and prepared for economic death — all for the right of our writers to be heard.

Noir Nation’s Editor-in-Chief is a son of Parris Island. On his crib were writ these words: Semper Fidelis.

It means you don’t abandon your writers.

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