From Australia: Taking crime writers bloody seriously

The ABC's book lover in chief Jennifer Byrne. Source: The Sunday Telegraph

As 2012 is the national year of reading, for the next six Tuesday nights ABC book lovers can devour a series of specials presented by Aunty’s champion of reading.

Jennifer Byrne is also one of the medium’s natural talkers, and knows how to find the best angles when it comes to conversing about literature, able to cut and paste her own conversation to maintain the flow.

Her ever-popular Book Club remains a staple on the first Tuesday of every month as she delves into genres that include crime, comedy and erotica, with writers and expert celebrity guests. No one loves a literary controversy more than the feisty Byrne, and no one else on television appreciates the way the book remains an enduring emblem of our fascination with how and why things happen, with beginnings and endings.

Tonight is the first in this series of specials and she presents a brilliant gang of writers to look at the world of contemporary crime fiction and the way it is scaling the once impregnable walls of high-brow literary taste.



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