Digging in the Trenches of Literature

We have been fielding some questions about why VegaWire decided to publish digital shorts under the Bare Knuckles Press and Noir Nation Book imprints. Mostly they have been basic questions about who owns the copyrights (the author, always) and advance ($25) and royalties (none, since we don’t expect to recover production costs for at least 100 years on a book selling at an almost a give-away price and that is in a genre — short fiction — that is only slightly more popular than the least popular literary genre, poetry.

So why do we do it?

Here is VegaWire’s straight skinny for publishing stand-alone short fiction in order of increasing importance:

1. They can be created quickly
2. They are less costly to produce than novels
3. They can be given away as part of a promotional campaign without fear of losing significant revenues.
4. They create interest in an author’s longer works, which would be published at a competitive market rate.
5. They enlarge our catalogue and give it gravitas, since we publish only outstanding works of the literary imagination.
6. As a literary publishing house, we must stand and deliver on literary genres that are not currently popular but that advance reading culture.

NB: VegaWire will be publishing poetry under the VegaTrope imprint.

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