Jobraith, subject of new film and Bare Knuckles Press book

Recently, Noir Nation‘s sister imprint, Bare Knuckles Press, published a risque memoir by glam rocker Hayden Wayne concerning his time as keyboardist for Jobriath, the first openly gay rock star.

The timing seems fortuitous. A new documentary about Jobriath, Glam Rock’s Lost God, will be premiering tonight July 28 at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater (starting time 10:30 pm). The filmmaker, Kieran Turner, will be there to discuss the making of the film. Some of the film’s participants, including BKP author Hayden Wayne, Jerry Brandt, and others will be there after the show to take questions about their memories of Jobriath.

Currently, Wayne’s BKP  book is the only title on Amazon or anywhere covering the Jobriath experience, particularly the period of the national and international tours that were cut short when Jobriath’s albums failed to sell — despite monumental hype — and the promoters canceled the remaining bookings.

Greater tragedy followed when Jobriath became the first internationally recognized rock star to die of AIDS. Wayne’s memoir offers a raw account that captures the rage, hope, and darkness that gave shape to Jobriath’s work — particularly his songwriting — and the choices that doomed it.

The book is available for $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

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