A lap dance to the tune of Schubert’s Hail Mary

This is the trailer for Harper Collins’ new graphic novel based on Sun Tzu’s classic The Art of War. The work combines Noir and SF elements to create a dystopian thriller set 20 years from now. What struck our interest is the inapposite use of the Ave Maria as background music. The words are as follows: Ave Maria, gratia plena… Translation: Hail Mary full of grace…

It is Schubert’s musicalization of one of Christianity’s oldest prayers, The Hail Mary, a prayer that remains deeply sacred to many believers.

At first it seemed poignant yet contemplative, as if the twisted novel’s characters need divine grace to help them get through their miserable days and nights, the kind the Blessed Mother was known to have in oversupply and eager to share with the post-Edenic world we crawl about in, fearfully unable to find the lights or a way out.

But the moment when Goth Girl is giving Unshaven Dude  a lap dance, as the words “Dominus tecum” — Translation: the Lord is with thee — hang in the air like incense, the video crosses a line that may be routinely crossed by our fellow denizens of Noir Nation, but may be a sacrilege to anyone else.

To be sure, as a new publisher of dark works that offend some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, we applaud LegPub Harper Collins in its successful effort to offend us, something we thought no longer possible.

[We also applaud the priests of Cathedral Preparatory Seminary of the Immaculate Conception (Brooklyn) for their unforgiving Latin regimen, which we hated at the time but which allowed us to spot the gap between word and image in this video without resorting to a Latin dictionary]

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