Comedian Wayne Lammers offers a film noir take on J. Edgar Hoover

Grammy-nominated comedian Wayne Lammers, formerly of the late Air America Radio, has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise production costs for a satirical take on Rush Limbaugh. The show is called Rush Limbaugh: Shut the Fat Up!

As part of his repertoire, he offers many scenes of interest to Noir Nation, particularly the noirish ones in the above video.

We think Lammers may be onto something BIG with his project. The people responding to his call are either throwing liberal tomatoes at him live-and-in-person or clicking conservative “unlikes” on Youtube. With such a range of enemies we envision a highly successful show. Nevertheless, we hope he makes some friends along the way. He may need them to help pick up hospital bills.

The political world needs more smart humor, the kind that deepens our understanding of issues, and perhaps of ourselves, while provoking a physical response, whether it be tossing tomatoes at a swaggering effigy or the mad tapping of a keyboard, or maybe… laughter.

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