Noir Nation takes a turn from which there is no return…

Noir Nation has taken a turn from which there is no return. The new tag line says it all: Crime fiction, film noir, and tattoos…

Initially, we were developing a tattoo theme for Noir Nation No. 2. But after having spent a year talking to tattoo artists and photographers and immersing ourselves in the ever widening gyre of expressive ink, it occurred to us that the enthusiasm we had developed for the art form could not be contained in one issue. More importantly, in our research and wanderings we developed strong relationships — with Julia Madeleine, for example, a tattoo artist and crime writer, and with Tom Vater, a crime writer and tattoo scholar living in Thailand — that suggested we would never experience a shortage of art to accompany our literary content.

As we put the finishing touches on Issue No. 2, we will be posting about some of the photographers who generously lent their work to make this the most talked about crime fiction publication in the world — one we have yet to publish. We have been fielding e-mails from around the world from writers and photographers who heard about it from those involved, asking if we were still taking submissions. The message was amplified on Twitter and Facebook.

And so here we are: Noir Nation, a magazine of crime fiction, film noir, and tattoos…  Coming to you by  Sept. 15.

(In our next post about the direction of Noir Nation, we will review the whys & wherefores of why it took a year to release Issue No. 2. A tale of hubris and tragedy.)

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