A foretaste of Noir Nation No. 2

This wonderful Geisha tattoo was created by Julia Madeleine, whose short story “Mama’s Boy” will be appearing in Noir Nation No. 2. The photo will be one of about 23 other such photos in the issue. Here is an excerpt of Madeleine’s story.

Moma’s Boy by Julia Madeleine

“Okay, drop your pants,” Jones said.

The freckled girl behind the counter handed him the ruler he’d requested. She gawked at the two of them like they were a couple of crack-heads about to pull an armed robbery.

“Right here?” Devin looked around himself. “I can’t do that here.”

“Sure you can, go ahead,” Jones said.

“I can’t just drop my pants in the middle of the fucking Business Depot.”

“Nobody’s looking at you. Just do it.” Jones smiled, all pale white and fresh-faced like some Skittles eating grad student trying to obliterate his goody-two-shoes image with as many tattoos as his skin could accommodate. He was raw-boned with course red hair hanging down to his waist that he held back with an elastic. He leaned on a cane that was topped with a fat, brass cobra head with jewelled eyes.

“I’m not dropping my goddamn pants,” Devin said, swiping a sweaty hand back across his forehead and shaved scalp, as a heat rose to his cheeks.

Jones thrust the ruler at him and said, “Come on man, we’ve got to measure it.”

Devin noticed an old lady with hair like a puff of cloud standing a few feet away, obviously overhearing the exchange. She scowled and peered at them over the tops of her glasses. Stupid old biddy with her hateful eyes. He’d like to slap that look right off her smug mug.

 “I’ll go to the washroom and do it,” Devin said, turning away.

 “Fine, do it in the washroom, just measure the damn thing already.”

 Devin returned a few minutes later and tossed the ruler on the counter.

 “Thirteen inches,” he said.

 The girl behind the counter dropped her jaw. The old lady eyeballing them, reached for her purse on the counter, sliding it closer to herself.

Continued in Noir Nation No. 2 – Coming Soon!


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