Why we are revising Noir Nation No. 1

We have just sent the files of the revised and reconstituted Noir Nation No. 1 to our Indesign editor, Noah Austin. The stories have been re-proofed and 27 new illustrations added. All of them are photographic images, all tattoo related with spiffy quotes from our favorite writers. (See above for one of the images we will be running)

For anyone who bought the earlier version, not to worry. We understand you will be able to download the new revised version at no extra cost on Amazon.

The reason for the redesign of No. 1 is quite simple. After pushing back the publication date of Noir Nation No. 2 several times waiting for a graphic novel that never materialized, it occurred to us it was time to publish or perish. Had it been just any graphic novel, we would have published the second issue six months ago without it. But the novel contained the continuing and final chapters of the to-be-continued graphic novel we published in Noir Nation No. 1, Fired on Deadline, the story of Jon Danko, crime beat reporter and Flamenco aficionado.

See the problem?

The solution is two-fold.

First, redo No. 1 without the graphic novel and make it stylistically consistent with the direction that No. 2 has taken.

Second, commission a dependable artist to complete the graphic novel, publish it as a stand-a-lone piece, and make it available for free right here on the Noir Nation web site so that those who want to know how the story of Jon Danko builds and ends will know how it builds and ends.

In this way, we honor the pact we have with our readers. We talk it. We do it.

More to come…

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