Paul Calderon’ s ‘Primitive Grace’ to appear in Noir Nation No. 2

Among the awesome stories that will be appearing in Noir Nation No. 2 is “Primitive Grace” by Puerto Rican writer Paul Calderon. Lovers of film noir will remember him as Paul, the bartender, in the now classic crime movie Pulp Fiction. Calderon has played other meaty parts in top Hollywood films, including The Last Castle , where he played opposite Robert Redford. (In the clip above, Calderon plays Dellwo, Redford’s top lieutenant leading a well organized prison riot.)

The multi-talented Calderon is a serious writer who studied fiction with famed writing teacher Kaylie Jones, daughter of James Jones, author of From Here to Eternity.

Noir Nation readers may remember Jones as the sharp-eyed editor of the crime fiction anthology, Long Island Noir. The longer we travel the ways and byways and the streets and allies of Noir Nation, the smaller and smaller we find it.


3 thoughts on “Paul Calderon’ s ‘Primitive Grace’ to appear in Noir Nation No. 2

  1. I met him at a shoot for a most cool TV pilot called WATER WITH LEMON. I was there taking community photographs — it’s sort of like production photography but not quite the same. My photos are intended to foster a sense of community among media workers. I shoot the actors, camera operators, the sound engineers, the director and assistants, and the members of the art department while they are engaged in critical aspects of their jobs. Then I post the edited images on a social media platform where they can download and share. You’d be surprised how many films they work on and never have anything to remember the experience other than smile-into-the-camera smartphone pics.

    Anyway, I had the opportunity to chat with Paul Calderon at the end of the days’ filming and I learned not only that he was a crime fiction writer but also a former student of Kaylie Jones, who is a Facebook friend. It took all of two seconds to ask what he was working on. That’s how we got the excerpt of PRIMITIVE GRACE.

    It’s a great piece of writing. I have no doubt a savvy LegPub will pick up the larger work given the quality writing and clear Hollywood connection.

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