Coming Soon: K A Laity’s Weird Noir

I’m pretty damned chuffed to have a story in K A Laity’s WEIRD NOIR anthology.

Black Moon Rising’ is a Drunk On The Moon yarn which gives a bit more back story to Detective Ivan Walker and Duffy.

The full cast list for WEIRD NOIR is :

A Kick in the Head by Chloë Yates

Violets and Furs by Richard Godwin

Sins of the Brother by Karina Fabian

Across the Border by Hector Acosta

Corkscrewed by Jan Kozlowski

East of Écarté by Andrez Bergen

3 Kings and The Mark by Carol Borden

Black Moon Rising by Paul D. Brazill

The Darkness Cult by Jennifer Martin

[untitled] by Katherine Tomlinson

A Diabolical Liberty by Jason Michel

Evil and Life by Asher Wismer

Gus Weatherbourne by Michael S. Chong

Wonder Woman Walks into a Bar by Leeyanne Moore

Charred Kraken with Plum Butter by Christopher L. Irvin

Yao Jin by Joyce Chng

Train Tracks by W. P. Johnson

Find out more about WEIRD NOIR at K A Laity’s gin joint.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: K A Laity’s Weird Noir

  1. Pretty damn chuffed to have you in the book, Mr B. And so nice to have new adventures for Roman, Duffy and Walker. And I got to read it already :-)

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