Video of the Day: Toss a butt in Texas? Get a public cavity search with dirty gloves

If these horrific moments were not caught on police video, who would believe police could act in this manner? One can easily see why in other cases where a citizen is recording a police stop — sometimes as a citizen journalist or simply as a good Samaritan hoping to preserve evidence — the videographer will get arrested for disorderly conduct or for interference with a police action. In fact, if the police are acting lawfully, the videos often help their case when the matter goes to court. In this case, the troopers’ own video damns them.

There is no known legal authority that allows Texas troopers to perform cavity searches in public, according to an NBC News report.

For the full story from NBC News about the police stop in Texas, click here.

UPDATE: the Texas trooper who performed the public cavity search has been suspended from her job. More here…

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