All About Steve – Warsaw Noir

red esperanto One of the areas touched upon in my Warsaw set novelette Red Esperanto is the rather, louche and down-at-heel world of the city’s ex-pat EFL teachers. The ‘flotsam and jetsam of life’ that make their living teaching English in Poland’s capital. A world I know well.

To give you a further — and very noir — taste of that bitter-sweet life here’s All About Steve, a documentary that was made a few years ago by James Torr and Jonathan Walsh.

The focus of All About Steve is a teacher known as EFL Steve who disappeared from Warsaw after claiming  he was being poisoned by a sinister and mysterious group but as the mystery unravels we also get a good look at EFL life in Warsaw.

I first saw this documentary about five years ago and it’s great to see so much — if not all — of it on You Tube.

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  1. I remember the actor Charles Gray using the word louche well when he was in The Tea Clipper pub in Knightsbridge talking about the drinking dens he went to in New York.

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