The Media Beats produce racy social play, Bite Your Tongue


A small informal network of New York City film and stage actors, models, directors, producers, sound & lighting & make up techs have been doing some cutting edge work in the noir genre. We call them the Media Beats.

Among their number are Philippe Keb Blanchard, Lauren Cahn, Thomas Wesson, Sarah Seeds, Audrey Lorea, Jessica Osborne and Noir Nation’s own Eddie Vega.

The Media Beats have graciously invited Noir Nation to many of their shoots and programs over the last two years because we share similar goals in advancing the genre.

Currently they have produced a socially racy play Bite Your Tongue that is running at the Theater for the New City (click here to read its first blog review, which provides a running commentary on members of the group). When they are not creating art, they are sharing fun times together; case in point, at the fundraising party at the Speakeasy on Mulberry Street in Little Italy. Click here to see a full set of images. In the meantime, here are some teasers:


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