Behind the Scenes at AMC’s Freakshow

FreaksThe world’s funkiest beach just got freaky. Whether you’re biking from Santa Monica, walking to your favorite beach-side restaurant, or going to pump some iron, look out for the mysterious building offering a view into a world of freaks. Part museum, part live show, the Venice Beach Freakshow has lured not only brave beach goers, but producers from AMC. The show airs Thursday nights at 9:30 pm on AMC, but what’s better than watching on television? Watching it live, of course!

Freaks1Watch your step or you could bump into a man covered in piercings and tattoos and holding a 5-legged dog. “The Creature” is the first African-American body modification artist in freak show history.

Bizarre stories and artifacts offer you a moment of reprieve in the museum, but the live show takes the cake. Amazing Ali, a woman the size of a yard stick, welcomes you before a man named Morgue swallows a sword.


The next act is the sexy young Asia who has a taste for fire.


The grand finale? How about a meat hook through the nose and out the mouth? Oh, and he steps into the crowd for some up close and personal contact.


The most bizarre thing of all? The item in this box. If you ignore the warning, be prepared for a sight that you’ll never forget.



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