Get Made in Vegas

Mob (1)There exists a place in the middle of the desert where millions of people go every year to explore their dark sides. Included in these millions of people are individuals with roots to secret organizations called the Black Hand and La Cosa Nostra. Take an intimate tour into the underbelly of these organizations at the Mob Attraction Las Vegas inside the Tropicana Hotel. Explore the heavyweights who fostered the city of Las Vegas, exploited it, cheated it, and cultivated it to offer a playground for anyone with a secret.

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In 1945 mob boss Meyer Lansky, aka the “Mob’s Accountant,” sent the charismatic Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel to stand up operations in Las Vegas. The Flamingo Hotel & Casino, a lavish resort opening in 1946 and still standing today, seduced the city with its lights and became a key element in the mob’s operations.

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Siegel’s influential vision transformed Vegas into what it is today and inspired some of Hollywood’s most thrilling crime movies and television series, including The Sopranos and Casino.

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Part museum, part experience, the Mob Attraction features live actors who put you in the middle of the action by entrusting you to deliver a package to “Big Tony in the Café.” You decide whether you become a member of their crew or assist the police by ratting the mobsters out.

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Acting icon James Caan even points you in the right direction by a clever use of holograms.

If the lights in Las Vegas draw you, GET MADE at the Mob Attraction Las Vegas inside the Tropicana!



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