Interview with Laila Lucent, The Yoga Stripper

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Laila Lucent, Author

Laila Lucent is a yoga instructor and the author of The Yoga Stripper: A Las Vegas Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Namaste.

Q: Tell us about your new book.

A: The Yoga Stripper is an inside look at my two years working at the BEST strip club in Las Vegas, and probably the most famous strip club in the world, the Spearmint Rhino. The book is 100% true (unless it’s my parents asking), really funny and has a lot of heart.

The take away message of The Yoga Stripper is that women are SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL and SO MUCH MORE IN CONTROL than most of them realize, and that EVERYONE should have sex with the damn lights on!

Being a Woman is POWERFUL. SEXUALITY is NOT evil or immoral. SEX is FUN.

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Q: What attracted you to Las Vegas?

A: I was 22-years-old and knew I wanted to move to L.A. to find work as a writer. I packed up all of my stuff in my car and drove alone across the country from Ohio. I made it as far as Las Vegas, and then I got distracted by all the shiny lights. They can be quite distracting…

Honestly, I just always wanted to try working as a stripper! And I was right. It was awesome. I figured writing a book about stripping would make me appear to be more responsible than I actually am.


Q: What is more challenging? Yoga, Pole Dancing, or Writing a Book?

A: From scariest to least scary:

Writing a book. The amount of courage required to believe that what you have to say is good enough to be heard is really intense. Putting out a work of art… you need to be able to battle the voices in your head that insist that you’re not talented, smart or cool enough to accomplish your goal.

Pole dancing. I really enjoy dancing on stage topless. I’m an exhibitionist, and it’s not too hard to convince me I should take off my clothes. However, it did take me a while to get the courage up to get on my hands and knees, turn my ass towards the audience and twerk. haha That requires a few drinks.

Yoga. Ah yoga. Yoga has transformed my life in so many amazingly wonderful ways. Yoga is my favorite of the three. Everything about yoga is about accepting yourself as you are and letting yourself be where you are that day. Everyone can do yoga and choose the level of challenge they want.

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Q: Are there too many strip clubs in Las Vegas or not enough?

A: If there were too many then they’d close. There is a massive supply of horny tourists, and therefore there is an equal supply of tits ‘n sass available (for a cost).

Q: Some say that Las Vegas doesn’t let you leave once the lights have you. Do you find it hard to leave or can you come and go as you please?

A: Come and go as I please. I’m living in L.A. these days. Vegas is a quick car ride away if I ever miss the lights, the sin and the wonderful anonymity.

I had an amazing life in Vegas, but I was sure happy to get out of there without a criminal record and my life still in tact.

Vegas is extremely dangerous; anyone who tells you otherwise wasn’t doing it right.

The Yoga Stripper (6)Q: What is the strangest thing (you’ll admit) you’ve seen on the Las Vegas Strip?

A: Everything is a contender: the little Latin people handing out prostitute cards; Mario and Luigi drunk, desolate and begging for change; the celebrities whose parties you can crash (I once stayed up all night partying with one of the guys from Glee and his friends); and the middle-aged Asian business men with their big fake ol’ tits blonde prostitutes. Vegas is bath salts crazy.

Q: Who is your favorite superhero?

A: Batman.

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Laila with Penn Jillette and NYT best-selling author Larry “Ratso” Sloman


Q: Where do you see Las Vegas in 10 years?

A: Vegas is the cockroach of the USA. You can’t kill that mother fucker.

Probably Vegas will have at least one more roller coaster and hopefully a massive water slide right in the middle of strip.

And it’ll have been renamed “Penn and Teller‘s Las Vegas.”


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Laila with Emily Jillette and friends



Laila Lucent is a yoga instructor (certified to teach Envision yoga and vinyassa flow) and is presently living in Los Angeles. Her book, The Yoga Stripper: A Las Vegas Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Namaste, is available now on Amazon. Laila can be found on the web at or twitter @theyogastripper



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