Video of the Day: Baltimore cop beats up teen but teen gets last laugh

Baltimore police officer Salvatore Rivieri explains to a teen skater that a “dude” is someone who works on a ranch. In his comments, he refers to the teen’s friends, who unlike the teen, have “brains in their heads.” He knows this because they are not calling him “dude.” In fact, they do have brains but not because they were intimidated into not calling him “dude.” They have brains because they were quietly videotaping the officer’s rant — so they could use it do to this:

And this did not help Officer Rivieri’s cause:

And of course, you knew this was coming:

Rivieri was granted a motion for summary judgment to dismiss the boy’s civil rights case in September 2009. But he lost his appeal over his firing in February 2011.

He is very fortunate that he beat the child in the U.S., where police are given deference by the courts and by the general public. Had he done it in, say, Pakistan, the response might have been very different:

However, social media has a way of punishing police officers who abuse children when the courts will not. We have seen some of it above with the sharing of damning videos on Youtube. But the public shaming continues on Facebook where fake accounts have been created here and here so anyone looking him up there will learn or be reminded of how he had conducted himself as a police officer.


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