Asian Girlz: Loaded with music, tattoos, and racism

We love the tattoos! The rich colors! The special effects! So why do we feel creeped out?

Apparently, the video creeped out many others and the video was pulled. But it was posted by other Youtubers, some with caveats about how because the video was so absurdly over the top racist that it could not be seen as anything other than parody. To be sure the video was shot with a light humorous touch, but that did not save it the way some note of reflection would have, some questioning of the video’s very premises. But it was too busy relishing the sexy racism to notice the harm it was causing with both the lyrics and the visuals.

Of course, we are Noir Nation, and our scale is rigged so the right to artistic expression is always heavier than calls for censorship. And so we defend the right to make the video and the right of its makers to say what they please, however they please. But clearly what they wanted to say was not what was understood by those who viewed the video. They ended up apologizing and backtracking. And so by their own admission, they did not achieve their artistic objective, whatever it was.

We agree.

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