Toronto Noir: Rob Brunet and Terra Hazelton

Recently Noir Nation editor Eddie Vega attended the Toronto International Film Festival with author Joseph Trigoboff, author of The Bone Orchard. They were there to secure a film option for Joe’s memoir Rumble in Brooklyn, a story with some of the same characters that appeared in the film Goodfellas. The book serves as a kind of prequel because they appear as their younger selves, as members of a murderous East New York youth gang called the New Lots Boys.

While there they met the talented Rob Brunet, a novelist. (Rob’s latest crime novel is currently under consideration at Noir Nation Books.) Rob manned the Bare Knuckles Press table during critical moments when Vega was chatting with film producers and Joe was being interviewed by a television crew in a different room.

Today, we got a gem of a submission from Rob for Noir Nation No. 3, a nonfiction piece about Terra Hazelton who did the very classy noir music video embedded above:


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