Must-See Film of 2013: “Oldboy”

Oldboy_2013_film_posterOriginally a Japanese manga from 1996 – 1998, and then adapted into a 2003 South Korean film, Oldboy has just received the Hollywood treatment. This 2013 version is directed by Spike Lee with Josh Brolin taking the lead as Joe Doucett, a seedy businessman who rubs everyone the wrong way. Part crime mystery, part suspense drama, Oldboy takes you on an intimate journey with Joe as he finds himself ripped from his wife and daughter and locked up in an inescapable hotel room for twenty years. Why is he there? Who put him there? Will he ever get out?

Oldboy explores the demons that plague man as the film slowly and methodically culminates in a twist like no other. A must-see film for all crime fiction lovers!


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