Popular casino scenes in film noir


By John Greystone

Neo-noir has become one of the most popular film fields in modern cinema, with the elements of danger, the aesthetic appeal and, of course, the seductive manner of female characters. But it is the casino floor that really brings out the sex appeal and glamour in the neo-noir genre. With the prominent rise of online gaming in society, these classic noir films highlight how you can still get a thrill from the casino floor. Here are a few examples of the best casino films:


Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film screams out influences from classic film noir director John Alton. Casino showcases the danger and glamour of the casino floor, showcasing the high-life of Ace and Nicky. The film is without doubt the greatest casino based piece ever made, with Robert De Niro excelling in his lead role.

Indecent Proposal

This may not be one of the all-time classic gaming based noir films, but there is one casino scene with stands out. By giving the dice a kiss before rolling them, Diana Murphy (played by Demi Moore) makes it irresistible for the on-lookers and cries out attraction and lure. This casino scene makes Indecent Proposal one of the most famous neo-noi films ever produced.


Starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca is probably the most famous noir film ever to be made. The plot is based around the themes of entrapment and allure between the characters and is famed for its casino scene. Rick Blaine showcases his ability to not only be suave and proper, but shows how he can be both dangerous and inconspicuous as he tries to win over his counterpart Ilsa Lund.

Games like blackjack, poker and the roulette are all showcased through these films, but the director’s noir twist on the casino makes these three films must-watch blockbusters.



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