Noir Nation is a print and eBook journal of high quality international crime fiction and nonfiction, illustrated with living art: tattoos.

Noir Nation was founded by Eddie Vega, Alan Ward Thomas, and the late Cortright McMeel in 2011. Before his untimely passing, McMeel served as Managing Editor and Editor-at-Large.

Noir Nation advances works of the literary imagination that explore the darker geographies of human experience. Its aims are two-fold: to entertain readers while deepening insight about the human condition, about themselves or about themselves if new circumstances changed them into the characters  portrayed in our pages.

Separately, the Noir Nation Web site offers a discussion platform for all things Noir. Crime fiction writers and film noir bloggers are encouraged to share news and opinion from their respective national and artistic communities. Those who do will be listed as contributing editors in the staff section with links to their blogs.

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Eddie Vega

Managing Editors
Jae Benjamin
Jonathan Sturak
Diane Vacca

Paul D. Brazill
Alan Ward Thomas

Contributing Writers
Joshua Couzens
James Fouche
Fiona Mcvie

Inquiries about Noir Nation may be made via e-mail to Eddie Vega at eddie@vegawire.com or to editor@noirnation.com.

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