A bit late on the draw but…

When a fashion shoot turns NOIR…

Susan Claassen brings Edith Head’s noir style to life

eddie vega and susan claassen

Noir Nation editor Eddie Vega kneels before actress Susan Claassen, who played fashion designer Edith Head in a tour de force performance at the National Arts Club last week. Ms. Claassen’s one-woman show was sold out. Even long-time club members could not get in and had to watch through cracks in the doors of the adjoining parlor rooms. (She kindly sent Noir Nation this red carpet photo which we “noirized.”)

Eight-time Oscar winner Edith Head (1897-1981) designed the wardrobe used in classic film noir movies, including Double Indemnity, Sullivan’s Travels,and Rear Window. She was as much responsible for creating the look of Film Noir as the film directors, light directors, set designers, and actors who made the films. More information about Head is available by clicking here.

For more information about Susan Claassen and her show, click here to visit her Facebook fan page.