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Alan Ward Thomas

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Birth of a Nation | Eddie Vega (Cuba)

Jelly Babies | JJ Toner (Ireland)
Pit Stop | Les Edgerton (US)
Surgeons | Tristan Davies (US)
Gone is Gone | Leah Chamberlain  (US)
FTW | Scott Wolven (US)
Who Killed Skippy |  Paul D. Brazill (Poland)
The End of the Trail (Classic Reprint) | Bonnie Parker (US)
Dog of a Different Breed by R.F. Farrell (Canada)
Work | Kevin Hardcastle (Canada)
A Love Supreme |  Jean Charbonneau (Canada)
Trompe L’Oeil | Stephen Gibson (US)
Cross | Tim Gibson (US)
Lethal Injection | Kevin Levites (US)
The Struggle | Yewande Omotoso (Nigeria)
Four Pairs of Shoes | Gerald Heys (England, Czech Republic)
Noir Nano: Four 60-word stories | Bianca Bellova (Czech Republic)

Ten Questions for Scott Wolven | Cortright McMeel (US)

Black Becomes Blacker: The Darkening of Noir | J. Madison Davis (US)
Why Noir Now | Alan Ward Thomas (US, Czech Republic)

 Noir Forum
Noir Nation invited writers, editors, and consumers of crime fiction to address the following question: Must crime fiction have a moral point? These are their responses.

Don’t Preach Anywhere Near Me | Melodie Campbell (Canada)
Crime Must Have Consequences | Wendy A. Reynolds (US)
You Don’t Have to Play Nice | Ann Littlewood (US)
It is Not Easy to Know What is Good and Right | Ann Cleeves (UK)
Noir heroes don’t uphold moral codes, they’re its victims | Linton Robinson (US)
Noir is not about morality but about personal codes | Joe Trigoboff (US)

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