Crime & Thrillers: Sleuths in Battle

From The Independent

Let’s avoid saying that 2011 was the best of times, the worst of times for the crime and thriller field – but it has been a turbulent year, with regular visits by authors to both the heights and the depths.

The host of dispiriting, maladroit thrillers has (thankfully) been counterpointed by some exemplary writing, both from veterans and fresh-faced young pretenders. Of the latter, one of the most talked-about novels was produced by a shy NHS audiologist, SJ Watson. Word of mouth on Before I Go To Sleep (Doubleday, £12.99) was already impressive even before Watson bagged a CWA Dagger, and though he may have borrowed a premise from Christopher Nolan’s film Memento, the assurance with which he finessed his narrative rivalled such old hands as Robert Harris.