A Paul D. Brazill interview that is still getting views

Noir Nation at CES 2013

Eyes of McQueen

Eddie Vega (L) and Jonathan Sturak (R) at the CES 2013 convention in Las Vegas. The eyes belong to the late actor Steve McQueen.

Noir Nation editors Jonathan Sturak and Eddie Vega attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  in Las Vegas. With attendance in excess of 120,000 participants, it was the largest CES in many years, and in any year it is the largest convention in Las Vegas.

A full set of images can be seen on Flickr. In the meantime, here are some of the noir related things they saw…



Actors from a Las Vegas theatrical show called Mob Attraction

Femme Fatales

Marta Davis of Headcase

Marta Davis of Headcase, manufacturer of an iPhone case equipped with a bottle opener.

 Noir Products


Noir skull iPhone case

Skull Candy kiosk at CES 2013, located outside the the convention center

Skullcandy kiosk at CES 2013, located in a lot just outside the the convention center


On writing and rattlesnakes: Renato Bratkovič interviews Eddie Vega

In an interview that Paul D. Brazill calls, “great and meaty,” screenwriter Renato Bratkovič draws startling responses from Noir Nation‘s own Eddie Vega.

The interview was published in the bilingual Slovene literary journal, RadikalNews.

To read the English version click here. For the Slovene version click here.


Jim Harrington chats with Eddie Vega about Noir Nation’s selection process

Publishing blogger Jim Harrington has been doing a good turn for writers for many years. After a brief hiatus, he is back at his keyboard sending out questions about what editors look for when considering material to publish. In addition to Duotrope, his site is quickly becoming the  go-to place for actionable information about the writing markets.

Recently, Noir Nation had the honor of being added to his Q&A roll. The subject matter of the conversation ranges from reasons for rejecting a story, to Shakespeare’s folios, to the very nature of literature and literary experience.

The full interview is here. You may also click on the above illustration to be directed to Jim’s Q&A.


Bare Knuckles launches noir graffiti novel by Eddie Vega

Bare Knuckles Press, Noir Nation’s sister imprint has launched A Marine at the Door, a noir graffiti novel by Eddie Vega.

When a U.S. Marine shows up at the Brooklyn home of Rad Cordoba, a graffiti writer, it is to relay the news of his Marine brother’s death in Iraq. As his parents struggle with the loss, Rad takes to the streets and the dark byways of the subway tunnels with his graffiti bombing crew known as The Alien Nation. He has something to say. None of it pretty.

At $2.99 the book is a sweet deal even if the subject matter resounds in literary vandalism. It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Noir Nation on the US suit against Apple and some legacy publishers

Eddie Vega, Editor Noir Nation

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed an antitrust suit against MacMillan and other legacy publishers for conspiring with Apple to increase eBook prices. It was the right call.

Instead of trying to understand the implications of digital delivery of literary content on reading habits, Legacy Publishers—the LegPubs, as we call them at Noir Nation—aided by brick & mortar bookstores, including the defunct Borders, and the now struggling Barnes & Nobles, decided instead to maintain their market share by colluding against Amazon, an innovative company which has changed international publishing and retail markets forever.

What does it mean if the world is round and not flat? Asked bold seafarers like Christopher Columbus. It means a pandemic reach. It means easier, safer, and faster access to the global markets.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, asked similar questions about books. And the result was a revolution in thought and habit. As Bezos built his globe-setting digital ship, the LegPubs were racing each other in their day boats, happy in their little harbor.

Even little harbors have access to the sea, but one does not sail the ocean seas with day boats or dinghies, but with a tight ship and a bold crew. The LegPubs, however, didn’t even try day boats. They tried collusion, a dull and lazy way of navigating any problem. And some will now sink.

To read more, go here and here.

First cover from Noir Nation photo shoot

This is the first cover to result from the recent Noir Nation photo shoot at the Kettle of Fish, home of the famous Jack Kerouac bar sign. The models on the cover are film actors Thomas Wesson and Dasha Kittredge.

In Awake Now, Sailor, noirishly poetic seafaring novel, Cass Loyola, a merchant seaman, abandons the ocean seas to pursue literature and love at a button-down college in New York City. As he struggles to adjust to his new life, he is haunted by the woman he left behind in Cardiff—a bookbinder and practicing witch.

At once a seafaring novel, a Cuban novel, and Catholic novel, given its reliance on Thomas Aquinas and Teresa of Ávila to understand the changing cosmos of daily life, Awake Now, Sailor includes pirate fights in the Bay of Bengal, gypsy cab rides into the dark heart of Brooklyn, a drunken mountain climb in Wales, cane cutting in Oriente de Cuba, an encounter between a U.S. Marine and an academic poet, and a smashed guitar in a Havana radio station that ends a musical career.

The book also offers décima campesinas, a poetic form popular in Cuba, and an original sea shanty translated into Welsh by British poet Menna Elfyn.

Noir Nation editor Cort McMeel to read at Jed Ayres’ Noir@theBar in St. Louis

Hardboiled Wonderland, the crime fiction blog of Jed Ayres

Legendary crime fiction blogger Jed Ayres writes about Noir Nation editors Cort McMeel and Eddie Vega in anticipation of McMeel’s April 28th reading at Noir@theBar in St. Louis.

Noir@theBar is not only the name of a highly respected reading series for crime fiction writers but also the title of a paperback anthology of crime fiction edited by Scott Phillips and Jed Ayres. Issue #1 featured a who’s who of the crime noir community.