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Noir Nation No. 4 Released in Print

Noir Nation No. 4 book cover


That was not an accusing finger making a point on your chest. It was a bullet. When you land somewhere in the white froth below, it will be either on rocks or on water or a bit of both. But you won’t feel anything… not by then.

Noir Nation is the only mystery magazine in the world that joins international crime fiction and tattoos. Its content is often dark, hard-boiled, sometimes creepy, but because it embraces crime fiction in all its forms, readers can also enjoy the occasional humorous story and cozy mystery.

In celebration of Canada, Noir Nation No. 4 showcases several stories by Canadian writers, including Mary Agnes Fleming, as well as stories set in Canada by non-Canadian writers. In keeping with the journal’s international flavor, there are also stories from other parts of the globe.

The issue is dedicated to Ghanaian poet Kofi Awoonor, who was murdered during the terrorist attack at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi.

Collected by Las Vegas writer and managing editor Jonathan Sturak, this issue contains entries from some of the very best and emerging hardboiled and literary crime fiction writers on the international scene, among them Lauren Cahn, Marina Perezagua, Richard Godwin, Melodie Campbell, Bianca Bellová, Joseph Lepis, Neliza Drew, Rob Brunet, Nik Morton, George Beck, Chloe Evans, Bruce H. Markuson, Jeffery Hess, Tony Haynes, Mike O’Reilly, Gerald Seagren, Edward McDermott, Ryan Priest, Peter Anderson, Al Cerda, and J.B. Christopher. The issue also offers an interview with Joseph Trigoboff, author of the best-selling novel The Bone Orchard and the recent memoir, Rumble in Brooklyn.

Video of the Day: The Rules of Film Noir

Do you want to make a movie in the film noir tradition? It requires a lot more than guns and snoot lights. In this BBC documentary, Matthew Sweet takes a look at the basic elements of 1940s and 50s film noir and provides an easy to follow map.

A hint of what’s coming in Noir Nation No. 3

Cover of Noir Nation No. 3 – The India Issue

final cover nn 3

Noir Nation No. 3 is on track for its September 15, 2013 publication date. We had a number of setbacks, some life changing, but not enough to take us off deadline. We are still reading stories, however, and we hope to make final decisions sometime in the next week or so.

—The Editors