In Kickstarter program, Emily Manthei takes a fresh look at tired tropes

Samantha Spade: Detective Noir for Kids

This is something new for us. Often the topics and genres we cover here are for mature readers and viewers. The stories we publish in the Noir Nation journal range from cozy milk & cookies mysteries to hard-boiled interpretive stories where brutality is embedded in the language. Yet there is something in this project that appealed to us. A line about the central character, Samantha, a lonely girl who does not fit in, and how she turns to the imagination for escape and a way to connect to the larger word.

This is the great value of literature, especially the kind created by writers of noir. The world can be a dark and sad place. Literature helps us not only understand it better but gives us the mental tools to cope. This project reminds us that these ideas apply to children as well. Somehow we had forgotten.

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Samantha Spade, Ace Detective