In Kickstarter program, Emily Manthei takes a fresh look at tired tropes

Video of the Day: Pop Music Noir by Michael Jackson

In this video from a live 1997 performance by Michael Jackson in Munich, part of the HIStory World Tour, Noir afficionados will recognize many classic elements of crime noir in nearly every aspect of the dance: the dark suits, the guns, the dead bodies, the theme of the femme fatale. Although controversy still surrounds Jackson’s private life and possible border crossings into criminality of the most sordid sort, this dance offers strong evidence of his genius for taking tired tropes of a genre and electrifying them with new life.

It offers an interesting contrast to this piece with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse from the film version of The Band Wagon. It has many of the same elements, but with one clear exception: the femme fatale is not alluded to. She is there moving and owning the space with as much danger as can fit into a tight red dress.

And of course, there is this classic dance number from Guys and Dolls, which takes place in the subterranean world of illegal crap shoots:

The Perfect Wife: a crime noir music video by Amigo the Devil

Readers Beware. Do not watch this with children in the room or with queasy companions who will upchuck on your biker boots. This is a very dark and disturbing video, but the very kind Noir Nation showcases when done by a musico as superbly talented as Amigo the Devil.

His Twitter handle is easy to remember, consistent with sound branding practices: @AmigoTheDevil.

He does not appear to have many Twitter followers at the moment. The reason may be his one-word Twitter bio — Murderfolk — which may be driving away potential followers.

Not surprisingly, the message of the video is that the perfect wife is a dead one. Twisted. Sick. Macabre.

For research purposes, we are now going to play it again and look for his other music.