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killer among us cover smallThe Killer Among Us

The year is 1933. The economy has collapsed. Joblessness and homelessness have sent families on treks across America seeking the grail of basic survival. Despite refrigeration, which has replaced blocks of ice covered in sawdust and canvas, powerful automobiles, trains, planes and other engineering wonders, the country has turned into one long dusty soup line.

Who had money? Not Tucker Hammond, a Word War I veteran and ex-cop, or his wife Emma, who land on their lonely trek in Palisades Park, a New Jersey town of sordid trickeries and deceit. The Hammonds have come to meet Michael Fitzgerald, a butcher out to avenge his father’s murder and the evil done by his mother, a prostitute, and her lover, a depraved sex fiend.

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About the Author

George Beck was born and raised in New Jersey. He is the author of Trounce: A Suspense Thriller, and Images of America: Palisades Park. His crime fiction stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Offensive, Shotgun Honey, and Yellow Mama magazine. He’s written articles for NJ Cops Magazine. He’s a police detective, adjunct professor, and PhD student.

George Beck, official author photo